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Data Center Expert: 100 Node Infrastructure License Key
Data Center Expert: 100 Node Infrastructure License Key
Availability Integrated data storage StruxureWare Data Center Expert ships with internal storage for data and video collection. Additional storage can easily be made available using the built-in Network Attached Storage server support for long-term storage and archiving. Graphical trending analysis Access current and historic data for any device or group of devices. Plot and graph multiple data points in a logical correlation to visualize potential hazardous trends. Centralized Alert Repository Access historical alerts from several appliances through one central database. Sort alerts by type, date, appliance, and/or device group. Reporting Downloadable reports for ease of data collection, distribution and analysis. Localized user interface Provides a localized user interface including alerts and alert descriptions in 10 local languages Agility Private networking Reduce IP addresses needed on the public network to manage devices, by placing them on an isolated secure network. Mass firmware update Decrease set-up time and complexity of managed devices by simultaneously upgrading firmware for multiple APC devices. Mass Configuration Provides a comprehensive mass configuration capability, allowing users to create, save, and push configurations or specific device settings to similar APC devices with a Network Management Card. Custom mapping Custom backgrounds, unique user-assignable icons, and drag-and-drop device placement make it easy to identify problem devices at a glance, minimizing downtime, errors, and cost. Auto-discovery Reduces the time needed to install and deploy physical infrastructure devices by automatically detecting manageable devices on your network. Protection Remote monitoring support Web-based service that serves as a second set of eyes into the health of a company's physical infrastructure. Experienced professionals work non-stop to provide 24-hour monitoring and to help diagnose problems before they become critical. Encrypted communications 128 Bit, SSL encrypted communications between client and server, as well as encrypted user IDs and passwords stored on the server to help protect your resources Customizable user access Define user access and viewing capabilities to individual groups. Control access to devices by administrator-defined user accounts. Additional user access can be managed by using the built-in LDAP and Active Directory Support. Manageability Centralized management Simplify data center infrastructure management by using a centralized repository accessible from anywhere on the network through a powerful and easy-to-use console application. Fault notification Real-time event notification minimizes response times to critical physical infrastructure situations. Enables IT Administrators to reduce mean time to repair, improve efficiency, and maximize uptime. Free text search Quickly locate devices and alerts through the free search field. Multi-vendor device support Extensive multi-vendor support for monitoring networked SNMP devices. Enable visibility of existing SNMP devices through threshold alert notifications, data trending and reporting. NMS Integration Integrate SNMP traps into an Enterprise Management System, allowing users to view alerts generated by devices managed by StruxureWare Data Center Expert. Real-Time Monitoring Immediate visibility to your entire physical infrastructure through centralized, real-time device monitoring and notification enabling quick assessment of events as they occur. Unified console Customizable Windows and Linux client application enables instant access to StruxureWare Data Center Expert application from anywhere on the network. Alarm filters Customize the user interface to display devices in critical, warning or normal device statuses. Adaptability Extendable architecture Available node and application license keys extend the capabilities of the platform allowing it to grow to meet changing business needs. Add-on modbus TCP output module Integrates data and select events from devices managed by StruxureWare Data Center Expert into an existing Building Management Systems through ethernet transmission. Surveillance add-on application Enhance visibility of your critical assets with physical threat management to monitor and record all activity in secured areas. A centralized repository allows the user to review, search and tag surveillance events for future needs. Integrates with StruxureWare Management applications Achieve integrated energy efficiency, predictive planning and real-time data center operations through the add-on StruxureWare Data Center Operation applications. Web services API Provides the ability to integrate StruxureWare Data Center Expert data and events into existing IT applications and tools capable of making web services calls.
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